Saturday, November 29, 2008

New features and updates

Things are starting to come together nicely. Significant new features are being rolled out and there is good progress on marketing.

We have just added rich text to diary and some other spaces. There has been a lot of traction on the diary features of eWoFF. Many users are using primarily the diary space on a daily or every 2-3 day basis.

We are rolling out a big update to the photo space this week. It will make the space much easier to use while retaining all of the personal features. The new features include drag and drop, album edit, multi-photo upload, and an updated sharing space.

The Google campaigns for eWoFF are starting to work. We have scores of 9 and 10 for many useful keywords in diary and family space.


Sweetep59 said...

I made a Diary entry that I need to edit and I cannot edit it!! It does not offer me the option to edit it nor to delete it and I'm not even sure it's set to Private...Please help!! Every single entry I have ever made has the option except this one...what happened??

eWoFF Development Team said...


There are no known issues of this nature. We have sent you a message from seeking additional details. Please reply to our message or send additional details to Please also let us know if we can contact you by phone.

Thank you for using Diary.