Thursday, December 4, 2008

Our Press Release

As everything is starting to come together nicely for, we made the following press release yesterday. Over the coming days, you will see many new features and activities around and other sites of the eWoFF Network. Offers Reprieve from the Noise of the Internet
Chicago, IL, USA, December 3, 2008, Your Web of Family and Friends, offers a simple way to stay in touch with family and friends without the noise and invasiveness of the Internet. is upgraded and re-launched to deliver the original promise of the site from 1999. The primary driver for the revival of is the fact that the social networking sites seem to introduce more and more noise and friction between you and your family and friends. Rather than a social networking site, is a private networking site for family and friends. While many people have the time and need to meet up with strangers, like minded or otherwise, most just want keep up with the people that they already know.

Privacy sets eWoFF apart from most other sites. The site allows you to create a one to one links with your family and friends to share photos, conversations, whereabouts, diaries, and much more. allows the users to start a conversation while viewing any photos, diaries, whereabouts, favorites, or other content. It is a richer experience to quickly react to a cute photo or an reflective diary entry.

The Diary feature of the eWoFF has been very popular. Most people prefer the private diaries over public blogs. The Photo Albums offer a simple yet powerful way to create albums and share them with your family. The Whereabouts function does not try to be a calendar. Rather, it is simple way to share your whereabouts with your family and friends. The Favorites function works well to save and share recipes, websites, movies, and more. In addition to viewing contact information of your family and friends that they have shared with you, the site allows you to maintain your own list of contacts.

With new members signing up at a fast pace and old members returning in larger number, the updated is headed for a strong presence in the sites for family and friends.

eWoFF Network is sites and services for family and friends. eWoFF Network is owned a operated by, Incorporated, an Illinois (USA) corporation. The sites of eWoFF Network include,,,, and
The press release is available at these and many more sites:


Jeania said...

Very interested, but got a couple of questions :) (and couldn't find a email address on main page lol :/)

Is there any widgets etc so that I can add it to my toolbar, etc? Having a great widget would make this extremely handy.

Also, would it be possible for the site to have a screenshots page? There are so many places that do similar things to this, that screenshots showing it in action would be extremely helpful ^_^

Please feel free to email me:

eWoFF Development Team said...


Thank you for your consideration of

We will publish some screenshots as you have suggested. We used to have an option to explore eWoFF without signing up. It gave you a fully functional account without you submitting any information. It also allowed you to convert it to your account, if you desired. That function has not yet been adopted to the new look and feel. We will get it soon. functionality is very simple and similar to what was offered in 1999. What sets us apart is that we are (and always were) a private network. There is no place to publish any content for general public. Everything is shared based on permissions on a one to one basis.

Many new upgrades are planned. We are also making good headway with our wellness site We are also very close to launching our event site at

If you do not try us now, please check back, we are likely to be able to serve you.

Thank you again. development team

Jeania said...

well one way to create a widget while still keeping it private (and this would be easier to control if it's already made, verses the public creating one, imo) is to make it so you have to log on, and it to automatically expire at 24 hours (or less, if the user chooses). Just a thought :D If it doesn't work, tis okay too :D (and if it is a good suggestion, Firefox compatible ^^)

I look forward to the screenshots, very much. I've been trying Twitter, but to be honest it's very...child-like? Not sure if that's an accurate description but I think you know what I mean. ^^ Thank you so much for your quick reply ^_^

Byron Wolfe said...

Help! I've signed up for eWoFF, and have just asked about 90 of my college students to do the same so we have private communication via an online journal. Trouble is, they've been making entries that extend beyond the standard size text field, and there aren't any scroll options when I view their journals. Any chance this will be fixed soon?


eWoFF Development Team said...

Mr. Wolfe,

We will fix the scroll issue later today.

OhanaTribe said...

How do I delete my account? I don't see an option for this under my account or profile settings.

eWoFF Development Team said...

Hello Susan,

Thank you for trying eWoFF Network sites.

Can you send a message to from the email that you used to created the account? Please also confirm that there is no data in your account that needs to be saved.

We can promptly remove your account.

Thank you again.