Thursday, December 4, 2008

Our Press Release

As everything is starting to come together nicely for, we made the following press release yesterday. Over the coming days, you will see many new features and activities around and other sites of the eWoFF Network. Offers Reprieve from the Noise of the Internet
Chicago, IL, USA, December 3, 2008, Your Web of Family and Friends, offers a simple way to stay in touch with family and friends without the noise and invasiveness of the Internet. is upgraded and re-launched to deliver the original promise of the site from 1999. The primary driver for the revival of is the fact that the social networking sites seem to introduce more and more noise and friction between you and your family and friends. Rather than a social networking site, is a private networking site for family and friends. While many people have the time and need to meet up with strangers, like minded or otherwise, most just want keep up with the people that they already know.

Privacy sets eWoFF apart from most other sites. The site allows you to create a one to one links with your family and friends to share photos, conversations, whereabouts, diaries, and much more. allows the users to start a conversation while viewing any photos, diaries, whereabouts, favorites, or other content. It is a richer experience to quickly react to a cute photo or an reflective diary entry.

The Diary feature of the eWoFF has been very popular. Most people prefer the private diaries over public blogs. The Photo Albums offer a simple yet powerful way to create albums and share them with your family. The Whereabouts function does not try to be a calendar. Rather, it is simple way to share your whereabouts with your family and friends. The Favorites function works well to save and share recipes, websites, movies, and more. In addition to viewing contact information of your family and friends that they have shared with you, the site allows you to maintain your own list of contacts.

With new members signing up at a fast pace and old members returning in larger number, the updated is headed for a strong presence in the sites for family and friends.

eWoFF Network is sites and services for family and friends. eWoFF Network is owned a operated by, Incorporated, an Illinois (USA) corporation. The sites of eWoFF Network include,,,, and
The press release is available at these and many more sites:

Saturday, November 29, 2008

New features and updates

Things are starting to come together nicely. Significant new features are being rolled out and there is good progress on marketing.

We have just added rich text to diary and some other spaces. There has been a lot of traction on the diary features of eWoFF. Many users are using primarily the diary space on a daily or every 2-3 day basis.

We are rolling out a big update to the photo space this week. It will make the space much easier to use while retaining all of the personal features. The new features include drag and drop, album edit, multi-photo upload, and an updated sharing space.

The Google campaigns for eWoFF are starting to work. We have scores of 9 and 10 for many useful keywords in diary and family space.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Technorati Profile

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Look and Feel Matters Most!

After a slow start with the updated eWoFF site, we are surprised at the difference attributable to a refresh of the look and feel. We hired a company on elance to provide us with a graphic design update. Even though we were not sure if their design was the greatest, we deployed it on the site because it was a great step forward.

Almost immediately, our bounce rates fell and our conversion rate went up sharply! As we updated in application pages for the members, the amount of content that is being created also went up.

With our refreshed look and marketing campaigns getting tuned, everything is coming together very nicely.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

AdWords Mysteries

Even though we do not display any advertisements on our site, we do depend on PPC traffic to seek our members.

As we started to pilot the new version of, we created accounts to get PPC traffic at Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Yahoo and MSN have been predictable and somewhat successful. However, we just cannot seem to sort through the mysteries of Google AdWords! We thought that we were technically competent to setup and sort through Google AdWords. We are only now realizing that our technical tinkering may have broken us for good with Google!

We invite any feedback on our learning of Google AdWords! Given that we have not yet made with Google, some of what is here may not apply! Here is what we have learned so far:

a. Do not use any complex DHTML on your landing pages! Before we even started to setup the various landing pages, our home page was totally unreadable by AdsBot (the special robot to scan for quality of landing pages for AdWords accounts)! You cannot really see what AdsBot sees, but you can guess by what GoogleBot sees! Nearly all of the text on our pages was asynchronously served from web services. Bad idea! This little fella never waited for the stuff to be served!!

b. Never have any important landing page be served to two different URLs that Google crawls! We do not know how they do it, but they link a page to only one URL Our home page used to be served to and we forgot to remove the DNS listing for beta host when we started serving this page at Bad idea! Google kept the old keep the old page as our home page until we removed the beta host entry! Same problem bit us a second time, when we continued to serve site at

c. Once your campaigns go bad, they do not turn around. At least not in days or weeks! As we improve the quality of the landing pages, it is better to try to setup new campaigns for these improved pages. It is a hopeless venture to tune campaigns that have gone bad!

More to come!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Noise between you and your Family and Friends

Social networking has become a remarkable Internet phenomenon. With a rapid recent rise of giants such facebook and MySpace, there are hundreds other that are trying to emulate or build on these successes. Soon, you will see that we are not one of them!

Besides growing faster and greater than their predecessors, these sites still seek a business model that is sustainable. One could draw many parallels between these new sites and those that rose earlier including eCircles, sixdegrees, myfamily, and friendster. In our opinion, the key weakness in all of these sites is a poor "revenue to noise ratio". We have created this term to evaluate our business model. "Revenue to noise ratio" simply means the amount of revenue that you are able to generate for the amount noise that you throw at a user.

In the old days you had an opportunity to put only a couple of displays ads on the page of a polite site. As the CPM for banner ads plummeted, these sites folded rather quickly. There was a time when graceful shutdown of a dot com was natural end to a venture! Even though the noise on these sites was modest, the revenue was minimal. Thus "revenue to noise ratio" was low.

In contemporary days of web 2.0 (higher?), we made good headway with noise by reducing the ads to simpler non intrusive text scattered anywhere and everywhere. We also gained by getting much better and matching meaningful ads with context. Many times ads were as useful as the content on the page! As everyone gravitated towards a model that was working, the model is now starting to show signs of weakness. As the clickthrough rates for ads plummet and cost-per-click goes down, the noise created for every dollar of revenue generated has skyrocketed! Many times, for a click that generates 10 cents in revenue, there are thousands of messages that are displayed! Talk about a poor "revenue to noise ratio"!

So, how does all of this relate to Quite simply, reducing noise in your interaction with your friends and family is our primary objective. Over the coming weeks and months, you will learn that it is possible to stay in touch with family and friends quietly and privately and safely! You will see that we can quite effectively offer these services to you where there is very little, if any, noise to generate revenue from your use of our sites.

Stay tuned, help us tune up the spaces in such that they really work for you!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Welcome to, Your Web of Family and Friends

Welcome to the blog of development team. We will write about our plans, our success, and our challenges. If you are an member or are interested in ideas around staying in touch with family and friends, please visit us periodically. is the primary site of, Incorporated., Incorporated is an Illinois corporation based in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Our offices are located in the historic Civic Opera building at 20 N. Wacker Drive, Suite 2704, Chicago, IL 60606. is a complete update of a site that was originally created in 1999. Some of the original members of the team are still in the current development team. Many of the original members of have used this site quietly and privately for nearly a decade!

Rather than a social networking site, ours is a private network. Our members connect, share, and communicate with family and friends privately and safely.