Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Record more, share less!

Even though diaries are the most used feature of eWoFF.com, we offer many other useful features.   Our other popular features include Photo Albums and Lifelog.

Unlike most of the noise filled sites and apps, we encourage you to record more and more of your life and share very little of it!  When you make a effort to share only selected items that you think are important, other feel better about taking the time to enjoy them.

Most sites encourage activity because it allows them to display more and more ads.  Even though some ads get clicked here and there, most activity ends up being waste of time for everyone invovled.

We encouage more recording because it serves you well.  Reading a diary entry from years past or enjoying an album from a wonderful vacation long ago.  They mean much more to you than anyone else.

Explore Lifelog to track much more from your life!

Thank you for using eWoFF.com

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